Monday, October 6

New York Experience

On Thursday morning I left to New York. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I knew that New York was far away, but I didn't expect it to take all day to get there with lay overs. Once I got there I had to rent a car for the first time in my life, and then find my way around upper state New York. I drove about a hour to Seneca Falls where the Chiropractic School that I am interested in is located. On Thursday I just walked around the campus a little, but not for long, because it was cold and raining. So, after exploring the college I went to find the motel I was staying at which took me forever, because map quest didn't give good directions. Once I got there I decided to get something to eat, which was kind of hard, because Seneca Falls is almost as small as Duchesne. Eventually I was able to find a Burger King.

Friday morning I went to the interview, and it went better than I thought. They didn't ask a ton of hard questions that I couldn't answer. After the interview I got a tour of campus, and that was awesome. It really got me excited to go to school there. After all that, I went and checked out the area, which is amazing. It is so green and there are lakes all over. I'm going to love it there if I get in to the college.

P.S. sorry for the boring blog

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*sara* said...

ah... its not boring at all! I love to read your blogs :D sounds like you had fun in new york... but i bet you missed your awesome wife quite a bit. Hope you get into nycc!!!