Saturday, October 18

walking is such hard work...

...or at least thats what you'd think after the way miss princess zonked out after a morning walk. She had already taken a thirty minute nap, which is usually short for her, but it is becoming more and more the norm these days.

When I realized she had fallen asleep, I just thought she was too precious not to take any pictures. The funniest thing about it is that she didn't fall asleep on the walk, she actually fell asleep after the walk. When I pushed her in the house (in her stroller, obviously... i don't push/kick/shove my baby) I ran over to the sink to grab a glass of water. When I returned I found her snoozing away, still in her stroller.

(I gotta say, I love baby feet... if you hadn't noticed... and i LOVE these socks! cute little colored toes! its so fun to have different colors to coordinate with hair bows and such...haha)

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Laura Rollins said...

she's way cute! I love my little neice :) and way to go you! getting out and walking - that's awesome!