Wednesday, October 22

Todays the Day!

...well, yesterday was actually the day that miss princess finally got some "real" food (aka. rice cereal drenched in momma milk). She (technically) doesn't turn four months until tomorrow, but her daddy let out his rebelious side and decided to let her at it early.

miss princess was very entergetic about the whole process about watching the spoon and then opening her mouth once the spoon was in reach... the only problem she had was actually eating the food once it entered her mouth.

but, in the end, after both miss princess and daddy were a mess and the beloved fingers were found once again, we called it a success! .the.end.


Perry's said...

She is so cute. I love the picture of her opening her mouth. Jake your are so great to feed her. What a great dad you are

Laura Rollins said...

That's so fun! I love feeding lil-TaylorMan! It's way fun - I hope you 2 had a blast, too!

*sara* said...

it was fun huh babe!

Amber said...

Awesome pictures! What baby has professional pictures of them EATING?