Wednesday, November 5

Winter Wonderland

so down in a little town called provo, the little people woke up to some very chilly news... IT WAS SNOWING! which, at this time of year, is still pretty awesome and fun to go out and play in - which was what we did! JK! but the little princess and I did go out and look at it fall onto the ground... she was quite inthralled with the whole ordeal. (but saddly, we did not take pictures... sigh...)

but another good reason for this delightful snowfall was to celebrate the releasing of my new Christmas kit with pcLayers :D Its called Wonderland and I just had a blast making it.

I know... there are no people in the pictures on my quickpage! But, you have to remember, that was because last year I was pregnant and feeling very, shall we say, "unphotogenic...youbettergetthatcameraawayfrommebeforeicry" So I honestly don't have that many holiday pictures to share. But, never fear! I have a baby this year! So my christmas 2008 shall be very well picture-documented.

But I hope you enjoy the kit! I am thinking that I shall attempt my first quickpage album freebie here soon... mainly because I think all of you deserve a early holiday gift :D

Until then... have fun in your own Winter Wonderlands!!!


Laura Rollins said...

congrats on having another kit out! that's exciting!

Taylor also had his first experience with snow the other day :) I picked up a handful and let his grab at it... he really liked it! also no pictures, Taylor and i were the only ones home and i was holding him so there was no one to hold the camera.

Life for the Pillings said...

It looks great! You are so creative!! Good for you!