Sunday, November 2

happy halloween

halloween is probably the only holiday that I wish I were a kid again. This is probably because it is the only holiday that is specifically just for kids. If old people (like me) want to have fun they either have to (a.) throw a party or (b.) have a kid themselves; both of which, take quiet a bit of time and planning to do.

Anyways, it has been quiet a while since I was a kid. So I have had many a un-exciting halloween. Well this was the year that halloween has, once again, become fun again! Even if all I got to do was dress Ashlyn up and watch her go trick or treating around my office (see jake's post below).

Well, luckily, this wasn't the only planning that had gone on this year. Saturday night, a few friends got together and we all had fun playing around with carmel apples. I say we played with the apples because I am not sure more than a couple people were actually able to eat their apple successfully... I know I wasn't one of those people!

I am so happy that Halloween had such beautifully warm weather for once! And I am also happy for everyone that came last night... I sure had fun and I hope you did too! Until next end of October... Happy Halloween!


Perry's said...

I got your text message. Sorry I thought it was the wrong date. And Sorry we didn't show up. I was in so much pain. With being due in a month I was on my back that night with contractions. Lets still get together. I miss seeing all of you.

Wendie said...

Ashlyn is such a beautiful little pumpkin. You got some really great photos to remember her first Halloween.

Amber said...

Ashlyn is adorable! I love her headband and flower! Love your new kit, too. And I love your family pictures! Basically I love it all! You all look amazing! I love Jake's perspective as a father! Great posts!