Tuesday, December 2

It's been a long time since I blogged, and so many things have happened in my life since Halloween. First off, i'm not very happy about what happened at elections, because I'm scared of what Obama is going to do to health care. It would be horrible if the government controlled doctors. Doctors should be free to charge what they please, and take the patients they want to take. If doctors are controlled they aren't going to have any incentive to work hard and be good doctors, because they don't get any benefits in being a good doctor. It is also going to make less people become doctors, which we already have a shortage of. It is also going to ruin health care, because less people are going to be able to get the help they need, because the doctors are going to be to busy to help those in need. This is exactly what is happening in Canada. People aren't getting help they need, but the rich are getting help. They pay exta money to the doctors, so they get the help. This is exactly what will happen if Obama does what he wants to.

I also don't like the idea of Socialism, which is completely the ideas of Obama. He wants the rich to pay more taxes than the poor. This is going to cause the rich to work less hard, because there isn't any incentive to work hard, because their money is going to be taken away from them anyways. The rich are also the people that provide people with jobs. So, if they are taxed more they are going to lay off more people, and bring us even more into a recession. Obamas idea is just going to make the economy worse. People that work hard deserve the money they earn. People that don't work hard and aren't ambitious shouldn't make as much money as people that have worked hard. If the poor receive money for nothing they aren't going to try to be more productive. It's just going to make them work less, and hurt our economy even more.

Sorry about my views of Obama. I hope I didn't offend you Obama lovers.



Amber said...

I agree. His policies do not encourage economic growth and prosperity. But I guess that is not what we want anymore. We just all want to be equal. Sounds good at a glance but overall we will be worse off as a nation and as individuals. We just have to continue to pray for our leaders and nation.

Laura Rollins said...

One word: AMEN! I completely agree with your views of Obama. I think it's sad how many American's don't see the problem with the government playing Robin Hood... as heroic as that may seem, it's really a terrible idea. After all, isn't that exactly what happened at Jamestown! And look were it got them!

I also enjoyed your comments about Health Care. I had no idea there was a shortage of doctors in America - that's very interesting. I'm curious, do you have any suggestions then? Or would you leave the system just the way it is now?