Tuesday, December 2

So, as many of us know BYU lost to Utah, which was a big dissapointment, because I thought that BYU had the better team. They just played horribly. Max Hall really didn't play the game he usually does, and did horribly. I guess he just doesn't play well under pressure, because he did horribly against TCU also. The BYU Utah game was really fun to watch at the beginning, because both teams were playing well and it was close, but then BYU just started playing horribly. Which made the game no fun to watch after that, because Utah just started wasting BYU. I gues BYU can't win all the time, but it would be nice if they did. There's always next year. Too bad I won't be going to BYU any more, Ill be all the way in New York.


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