Wednesday, December 17

Nice Thing I did for Sara

Well, actually I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to do it today. My teacher asked the class to do something nice for someone that is stressed out. So, I decided to do something nice for Sara. I thought that I would make her dinner today, because I don't do that very often, and i'm sure that she would like to have a break from cooking for me all the time. I just need to decide what i'm going to make for her. It is always so hard to decide what to eat. I think that i'll make pizza, because it's been awhile since we had homemade pizza. I hope that she is in the mood for pizza tonight. I probably should clean up the house also, because people might come see it, because were moving to Sara's parents for 4 months before we go to New York.


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*sara* said...

you are always so nice and I am always stressed out! so you do a lot of nice-things-for-someone-stressed-out. I LOVE YOU BABE :D