Wednesday, December 17

Stressful Finals

Man, finals have been so stressful this week. I don't think I have had such a stressful week with finals. Normally I'm prepared for them, because I start studying for them two weeks before, but this time I just haven't had time to study, because Ashlyn takes up all of my time. I barely got every project I did this in on time. I finished everything at the last second, which isn't like me at all with my school work. I normally have projects done a week in advance, so I have time to review it, but Ashlyn takes this time away from me. So, I have been cramming all the information in my head as fast as I can before I have take a final. So, I'm about to go insane. Good thing I only 2 more tests to take.

I had so much trouble with my statistics final. The final schedule said that I needed to take it at the Salt Lake Center in the room that I have had class all semester. I thought this was weird, because it is a department test, but I thought that the schedule would be right. So, I went to take my test and no one was there. So, after awhile I decided to go take it at the testing center. I found out it was there, but I couldn't take it at that moment, because the testing guy was being retarted, and said that I had to shave. I don't look scruffy after one day of not shaving. I still have a baby face, so that was stupid. So, I went to the book store to buy a razor, but they were closed, so I had to tell them my situation, and they finally let me buy one. I went back to take the test, and after a hour in a half of taking the test I was told that the testing center was going to close in 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it, but there was no way that I was going to finish in time. So, I had to turn in my test only half way done. I couldn't believe that they close at 7:15 on a finals night. I know it was family night, but still it was finals week. So, the next day I went and told the head of the department what had happened and I was finally able to finish the test. Now that was way to stressful for one test. It's already stressful enough to have to crame for the test!



*sara* said...

whooo... I am so glad that you were able to finish that final.. This week has been BEYOND crazy and I am so very happy that it is almost over!

Laura Rollins said...

Wow! That's got to be the craziest finals story I've ever heard... I can't believe the guy actually made you shave! Only in a church school I guess... I'm so glad you were able to finish the test! Hurray for finals being over!

Amber said...

I am glad you were able to finish your test! That must have been really stressful!!! Good thing they are all over now!