Tuesday, February 10

get it before its gone!

Hello, dear fabulous readers,

for those who have never met me in person, I am the famous Miss Schmutz. I have stolen the wonderful idea of my cousin T-bone and have hijacked my mother's blog for my own enjoyment... how selfish, but very ingenious of me.

I would like you all to meet my cousin T-bone. Don't let his size fool you... I watch him keep, at times, up to five adults busy all by himself. Some talents this kid has got. I can hardly get my own mother to get off the computer and play with me at times.

Well, and get this! So, once a week I am forced to babysit this kid all by myself. As if I don't have enough to do already! I mean, I am trying to learn how to walk, perfect my crawling and stay gorgeous all at the same time.. quite the load I have placed upon myself.

But, I've gotta say I do love the kid. I have so much fun playing with him that sometimes I forget what a bunch of work it is to keep him entertained. There was one Thursday where poor T-bones mother was sick, so he couldn't come over for me to babysit, and I was quite sad and missed my cute cuz.

I am afraid that I am going to miss our little play dates more than I can ever imagine when I am forced to move my life to a land far far away. But for now, I am enjoying all the T-bone I can handle! Thanks for coming and playing with me every week, cuz!

ps.... my mom wanted you all to know that, once again, she is going to make this blog PRIVATE so that my little blogging adventures will be for friends and families eyes only! She says she has most everyone's emails, but if you weren't invited last time be sure to leave a comment so you can watch me as I grow up in NEW YORK! :D


Perry's said...

chelsie_m@hotmail.com So cute

Alyssa Moon said...

Cute cute cute! :) You'd had better blog a WHOLE TON when your out in New York!


Laura Rollins said...


T-Bone LOVES hanging out with his cuz too!!!! They're just adorable together!!! We're way sad that you are moving so soon... but you'll be back (RIGHT!!!!) It's great that we get to hang out so much just before you go! Love you all!

Lindsay said...

Add me too! lindsaymac7 at gmail dot com.

Amber said...

very cute post! include me in your blog list, please.

Megan Merkley said...

very cute.

Please, please, please invite us!


The Gillis Family said...

please add us to the list, we love seeing what you guys are up to.

Michelle said...

Please include us!!