Wednesday, January 28

12 weeks countdown

This week is the 12 week countdown to the Salt Lake City Marathon. During highschool I was pretty consistant about running while I was with the xcountry team and even why I wasn't, but since moving down to provo and getting married my running has suffered.

until now...
My Dad has inspired me to try whipping my sad body back into shape and running the half marathon come april. My Dad, diagnoised with diabetes over 10 years ago, has turned his life around to the point where he won't have to live with the side affects of diabetes because of his excersicing and dieting.

and earlier this month he ran his first marathon down in vegas. And he is planning on running another one in utah in may.

So I figured I would start with the half marathon since I only have 12 weeks to train, and my body is less than happy about even running 3 miles.

I guess we will see how it goes... right now, its not going too well; Ashlyn has been sick for about a week and is in the horrible habit of waking up around 2-3 in the morning, which isn't doing wonders for my running schedule.

But I'll keep you updated, and - fyi - the main reason I am blogging about this is to make myself "committed" because you know I wouldn't want to let you down :D


Laura Rollins said...

Way to go! You rock! Good luck!

Rondi-Ella said...

That is so great! I have really thought about running the 5K. I really want to do it. Since I am up in Logan and it's will be hard to train but I think I am going to make it a goal to do it this year!

Amber said...

I highly doubt your body looks sad!
Good luck with your training and race. You're awesome!

Alyssa Moon said...

way to go! you should have told me! i would have done it with you!! :) maybe anther time! If you need some motivation, or a running buddy I'm sure we can make something work!

celeste said...

i'm so impressed you're picking up running again, best of luck with the training! and i don't have your email address, but i'd LOVE to have you do another kit for pcL, so let me know if you're up for it, and of course if Miss Schmutz says it's okay! hope you're well. you're sure a cute mom.