Sunday, August 30

washington trip continued...

These are pictures of our third day. I have taken so many pictures, that I am finding it hard to narrow them down at all. So I am just sorting the pictures by day and deciding what to post.

We started off our fourth day in washington exploring the neighboring cities around our soon-to-be-little-home. We were pleasantly surprised to find our church a quarter of a mile away, a beach no more than a mile down the same road, and numerous parks and hiking trails all along the way.

We then headed up to explore the country stores in bothell. little miss schmutz decided that antiquing was not her thing, and proceeded to drag her father off to find more interesting things to look at.

After spending a wonderful day in the little shops, we hiked another gorgeous trail down to lake washington {this trail is just across the street from our apartment, and also just next to jake's school} the little miss loves rocks, and being able to throw them into a lake just added to the excitement of it all. she isn't very good a throwing, yet... but I think with a little coaching from her father, she'll learn how quickly.

and what better way to end the day than with eating popsicles with new friends. what a perfect ending to a most wonderful day.

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Laura Rollins said...

What cute pictures :) I'm so glad you guys are going to love Seattle so much!