Wednesday, September 2

oh what a beautiful morning...

we started off our last {fifth} whole day in washington by jumping on the morning pullyaup ferry over the puget sound. We then continued on across the peninsula over to the olympic forest. {yes... we did drive through port angeles and forks... and yes... the little miss insisted upon eating a "edwards-hugs-and-smooches" icecream cone.}

and the beaches were gorgeous! we were told that this was the best place to find beautiful beaches, and we were not misguided. I wish I could've captured the entire essence of the beach, but pictures don't do it justice... i guess you just will have to come and see for yourself.

Jake tried, in vain, to teach the ashlyn how to skip rocks; but she is getting better at throwing them.

After the beach, we headed over to the Hoh forest... such fabulous hikes! In the picture above, Rosemarie is taking a break on one of the biggest trees in the usa.

we had so much fun, but also decided that one day was just too short. next time we are going to come over for a week or so - there is so much to do.


Rondi-Ella said...

Oh my gosh I am totally jealous! One day I will make my way up to Washington so I can go to Forks and Port Angeles and of course to come see you and Amber! Beautiful pictures by the way!

Laura Rollins said...

What a gorgeous place :) And, keep trying, Ashlyn, you'll get the rock-skippin' thing soon! ;)