Saturday, September 26

an autumn wonderland...

I really do have to say that autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I enjoy summer, but am excited for the cool crisp air and sweater season. Well autumn weather, but not the brilliant fiery colors, came early for us with our move up to Washington. We are still adjusting to the colder climate, but are loving the beautiful days and cozy nights.

But with that weather change came a change of wardrobe. I have pulled out my long sleeved Ts, sweaters, hats and - my favorite - scarfs! Obviously little miss schmutz has been watching this change, because I now find her searching the house for my scarf {this one my sister bought me is her, and my, favorite}.

She puts it on, by herself, and then prances around the room like a model. It is not a normal walk, but a walk of importance.. it is super funny!

It is so funny to watch and see what new thing she will learn to do just from watching us day to day.

This is her model strut. Ashlyn thinks that the scarf is a good accessory even if it not wrapped around her neck - Hanging of the arm, like a purse, is a must have for this fall :D ...what a fashion diva.

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Andrea said...

Oh I'm so glad she likes the scarf i got you! I can't believe how grown up she is becoming! she already looks so much older!