Saturday, September 19

it is the shoes that makes the outfit..

Or, at least little miss schmutz would think so. There is nothing she would rather wear, play with, eat or drink than the chance to put on a pair of shoes. This encompasses our entire daily routine - the first pair of shoes seen in the morning must be put on. If not, a suitable pair must be found immediately. And this continues through out the entire day - dragging mommy's shoes to mommy, daddy's shoes to daddy, and making sure that Ashlyn almost always has shoes on {not always matching, mind you}

and sometimes, when certain parents are not watching, mommy's and daddy's shoes will end up on Ashlyn! This usually ends up in tears as the shoes trip my girl all up... and then we go and find some smaller shoes that work better.


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Laura Rollins said...


Shoes really do make the offer - it's good to know that Ashlyn has figured that out so young :)