Sunday, September 13

there's no place like home

we're here! safe a sound after a wonderful adventure. We don't have internet at our new home, and we probably won't get it {which, after a lot of contemplating, I have decided that it is going to be very enjoyable to me. I spend way to much time online} But I am going to set aside some time to blog since it is important, to me, to keep in touch!

But I really haven't taken many pictures. Our first few days my camera charger was packed, and my camera was dead - so I did not get any good "before" pictures. But I will take some "after" pictures anyways once we have it all decorated {hopefully we will get that all done this week!}

I got an old antique desk that I am excited to paint up and such. So hopefully that will turn out well! It is so fun to finally get into our new home... there is just so much for me to do!

Anyways, Ashlyn is adjusting fairly well. As you can see above, she has already decided to reorganize the kitchen a few times. :D

We love you all and miss you! And don't be afraid to come visit :D

-schmutz family


Alyssa Moon said...

october 9-20th jake and i have a break... jake has suggested we come up and visit you guys. i hesitated because its such a long drive with our old little car (that jake has 100 % faith in) ... but now you've posted pictures, why don't you talk it over with jake and see what we can work out. :)

Laura Rollins said...

I'm so glad you made it there safely!! And it looks like you may need to baby-proof the house a little before you do too much more un-packing... lol.

Mom was telling me about your new place the other day, and it sounds like a super cute place! Hopefully, someday, we'll be able to make it out for a visit! I really want to!

We miss you all so much! I'd love to see more pics of your place when you get a chance :)