Sunday, September 13

camping 101...

first... be sure to bring one of your favoritest friends along for the fun.

second... impress daddy with your camping skills when you help him put up the tent before it gets dark and scary.

... or just chill with your cousin inside the tent while daddy figures it out by himself.

third... play with fire... oops... I mean start a fire.

fourth... play in the dirt as much as you can while mommy isn't looking, that way, when she does look she will let you play anyways because your already so dirty. {oh... and pig tails are a must for a campout.. fyi}

fifth... make smores and sit by the fire when it cools down. This is mommy's favorite part.. mine too!

sixth.. run as far and as fast as you can with your cousin as much as you can! {its how we keep the adults entertained}

...I had a blast camping our last weekend in utah! and will miss the wonderful times we had with everyone!


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Laura Rollins said...

That's such a cute post!!! You should turn that into a super cute scrapbook page...

Anyways, We miss you lots - but I'm super glad we were able to camp together just before you left!!