Sunday, October 11

ah, autumn...

Is here! Which I love! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons... it is full of beautiful colors, chilly and cocoa filled mornings, late warm evening strolls, new and fun scarfs hats & sweaters, and lots of thoughtful moments about the upcoming holiday season... it is all around delightful!

And this past week at our local vegi/fruit market while we were doing our produce shopping, Ashlyn was fascinated with corn on the cob. We ended up picking up a couple for a few different dinners we were having that week.

Needless to say, she loved the whole process that the cob entailed - husking, inspecting and taste testing the corn before cooking (we must make sure we picked the very best ones) It was only the cooking process that brought our little curly headed princess to tears.. she couldn't believe she had to part with her delicious dinner for minutes on end. But it was a happy and exciting reunion when the corn was at last finished and devoured within minutes.

But, other than having delicious vegetables, the other things in our lives are going wonderful! We are pretty well settled (I don't know if I've said that before) Jake is enjoying his classes very much and feels that BYU prepared him well for the intensity of medical school. Ashlyn and I have found (with Amber's help) all the shopping that we could want and are doing countless little crafty projects.

Ashlyn is also starting to say quiet a bit - Kitty, That, Thank you, Daddy (which is by far the most common), No, Movie, Ear (no surprise) and Momma on occasion. It is still all a bit jumbled, but she is getting the hang of talking. She also loves to sing with me in the morning and at church- our ward is very understanding. I just can't believe how big she is getting! We hope you all are doing well! and we miss you!

Luvs, the Schmutzs


Laura Rollins said...

Corn on the Cob is one of Taylor's favorites, too!

I'm excited to hear what kind of crafts you're up to :) I can't wait to get my kitchen done so I can start crafting (and scrapping) again - so, I want ideas ;)

That's really neat that Ashlyn's talking now! You should try to catch a short video of her talking and post it :) Taylor would LOVE that! Anytime he sees a picture of you guys (especially of Ashlyn) he tells me that "Ashlyn went for a ride in the car"... it's very cute, and we'll all be so glad to see you again this Christmas!!!

Amber said...

Oh wow! I really did miss a ton of blogs but I read every one of them. I loved all of them and I am so incredibly happy to have your family here!