Saturday, October 24

more fall fashion from the babe...

This is where formal and casual wear meet. The little fashion expert in our home has dubbed it a "trend" to mix casual pajama wear with nice pretty peep-toe shoes.

socks are a good compliment to the trend, and are a must have if going out into the fridged winter air. And having your shoes a touch too big isn't much to worry about, obviously.


To go along with the little miss' fashion advice, I have to share a story...

It was a normal evening in our little house hold. Jake had just gotten home from school and, like usually, was in/around the kitchen waiting for dinner to be done. The normal in our house is for Jake and Ashlyn to wander, constantly, in and out of the kitchen waiting for food to be done - while, conviently, getting in my way.

As I have said, this was a normal evening; and on this normal evening Jake was singing a silly made-up song to Ashlyn. Well usually when Jake decides to sing a "made-up" song the lyrics rhyme, but they don't change a lot from verse to verse. It so happened to be one of those nights where Ashlyn was not in the mood to hear the same words sung to her again, and again. I cannot remember how many verses Jake had rehearsed, but he had been singing for a while when Ashlyn, as sweet as could be, raised her little finger up to her lips and said "Shhhh". She would not stop "shh"ing until Jake stopped singing. It was so very funny! We have been teaching her about being quiet and would "shh" her at church...So, its good to see that she really does understand us.

Well we hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! I know we're excited... The little miss definately knows what candy is - So she should understand whats going on this time around.

Happy Halloween!


Rachel Chick said...

Awesome! :) You have such an adorable little lady. Sorry about the made-up songs --- it's a family trait. Someday - probably in about 20 years - your find Ashlyn doing the same thing. Even though she will shush her daddy constantly for at least the next 16. :)

Laura Rollins said...

First - Ash, you are such a style diva! Someday, I expect to see your inspiration in some high end magazine :)

Second - Jake, don't worry about being "shh"ed. Taylor askes Aaron to stop singing all the time :)

Lol, thanks for sharing the great story! Have fun come Halloween! I hope to see pics of it soon :)

Alyssa Moon said...

Hahah... That is hilarious!! How funny!! :) Jake says Hi Jake. :) I'm glad you guys are doing good! Can't wait to see pictures of halloween... what's ashlyn gonna be?? :)

Amber said...

I love your little fashion diva!!! What a doll. And I love the story about Ahlynn telling Jake Shh! My kids do the same thing to me.