Tuesday, October 27

let the festivities begin!

Halloween is on at our house... well... not really, but we did carve a Mr. Jack O. last night. It is actually the first time that Jake and I have carved together - but I am sure glad we decided to do it this year, it was a lot of fun!

I, as her mother, am still convinced that miss schmutz has a very medical minded brain.. I have always felt this way. But I think our little pumpkin surgery proved that at least part of my theory is correct - she is not disgusted by slimy-gross-pumpkin-fillings. So I am guessing that she will also find anatomy lap delightful {but not until she is older!}

And she would not stop playing with the goop. We finally had to take a break from carving and clean off the table because Ashlyn was throwing goop everywhere.

Ashlyn had to stick her finger in every hole once Jake removed the carved section. She watched him so intently - it was so cute!

Jake is such a pro at carving... he gets a lot of practice at school... lovely.

And, for my moment of glory, it probably took me a few minutes and at least a dozen trys to get the candle lit. Don't ask me why I have such a hard time lighting a cigarette lighter - i.just.can.not.get.them.to.light! It is just a very good thing that I don't smoke... for more than one reason...

our happy mr. jack O... {we were so happy when he wasn't smashed last night while we were sleeping! hopefully he will last the whole week!}

and a quicky little picture of us all together... what a happy family we are :D

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gilliskd said...

Ahh... a brain surgon in the family... does any one see $$$!