Saturday, November 21


Little Miss Schmutz has made the famous discovery - she has found the heater and where the most covenient spot is to capture that warmth. The, so said warmth, is place right in front of my desk - which makes under my desk a little warm ball of air. And by little, I mean so little that only Ashlyn is comfortable able to fit.

And comfortably fit she does! It has become her new favorite place to take her toys or read herself a book. I always have to keep the chairs away, otherwise she climbs up and gets into my computer, etc. So now she almost always has the little nook all to herself - and I think she likes it that way.


Laura Rollins said...

so cute :) That's where I would hang out, too.

Amber said...

so cute! I love your desk! and can't wait to have you here for Thanksgiving!!!!