Wednesday, November 18

whats for dinner?

...tomatoes please...

...I just want a few more. promise...

sorry for the picture overload... its for the grandparents.I.promise. But it is nice to journal just a few memories of my little daughter's strange eating habits-

She will always eat fruits and vegetables. Dairy we try to do well with... she loves yogurt and likes cheese and chocolate milk (but come on, look at her parents...). Grains are our next best bet, and she'll go along with a sandwich about once in a blue moon. Protein (other than beans) is practical nonexistent in her diet... and she is just getting to be more picky with age.

but the strangest thing is that she will not eat cookies or chocolate chips. She is becoming very picky about her sweets and I think she has a leaning towards the fruity candy (like mother like daughter)... so I can just stay awake at night thinking about the girls-nights-to-be when we will be relaxing, watching a chick flick, around a bowl of skittles. happy day.


Laura Rollins said...

How cute! I'm glad you put in so many pictures :) even if I'm not a grandparent.

As for protein... she's probably getting more than you might expect from her veggies - I've heard that most veggies are loaded with protein. Ashlyn just must be very good at listening to that little voice inside her that tells her what she NEEDS (not that other little voice inside that I tend to listen too, the one that says what I WANT, lol)

gilliskd said...

Sorry, veggies have very little to no protein... but not to worry. Set healthy food in front of her (which it sounds like you are doing) and let her little body decide. Today the veggies, tomorrow the cheese.. God sends us to this world already pretty smart. Just be careful not to dumb her down with junk food and mind-numing activies (can anyone spell Sesame Street?)

What a cutie! love the pictures


*sara* said...

well i am sure glad ashlyn has a little voice and doesn't have to rely on her mother's... but you were probably thinking (or heard) that beans have a lot of protein, laura, (at least i think they do) which is good because she does like beans on occasion.

...don't worry grandpa... i'm trying not to dumb her up too much (though she LOVES pooh bear)