Saturday, November 14

just our little family.

so, most weekends are pretty boring and laid back. We always save the easiest-to-cook meal for friday night along with our netflix dvd of the week. We never do the dishes that night and almost always have ice cream while we cuddle up in the love sac for our movie. All is good, except for the fact that I am stuck at home far too much. So, even though there was nothing wrong with the way we spent our friday nights, I am resolved to change it. And, now thanks to the suggestions of a new friend, we have found numerous ways to spend our weekend evenings together, out on the town, with only a little to no money.

last night we headed down to kids quest for the free friday evenings. It was a lot of fun, even though it was very crowded (can't complain, it was free). Ashlyn started off a little worried about the rambunctious crowd of kids, but she quickly warmed up once we found the exhibits that she was interested in.

Little miss schmutz really enjoyed the small river they had with logs, boats and balls; all of which you could throw in the water and watch as they floated down stream or got stuck on a log or rock. I really thought that kids quest did a good job with making learning experiences fun. I just wish Ashlyn was old enough to learn from the exhibits.

Little miss schmutz's other attention grabber was a giant lite-brite... (even though i am not sure who wanted to play with it more, little miss or me...) But the funniest thing was that every time Ashlyn would put a stick into a hole (with my help) I guess I would end up saying "nice", as a way of congratulating her. Well my little miss schmutz picked up on this idea and after a few minutes she started mimicing me every time Jake, Ashlyn or I would put a stick into the lite-brite - except she would end up saying... "Niiiii" as loud as she could. So cute!
She has really started to try talking. She loves to mimic what I say - usually just picking up the most distinct syllable and repeating it back. But I am confident she'll get the hang of it... she's already realized saying certain words will get her things she wants - she has learned saying "tree" will get her one of her halloween "treats".
anyways, we had a lot of fun on our friday evening out, and are expecting to go out and do some more fun exploring in the near future.


gilliskd said...

Don't worry mom, little miss schmutz has a brilliant mind... she is learning far more than you think she is! (can't wait for next weeks adventure!)

Cindy said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! Thanks for posting them and keeping us up to date. We are so looking forward to seeing you all in about a month!

Laura Rollins said...

How fun! I wish I had a list of things to do here in Utah... maybe I should reseach it on the net. I TOTALLY get the whole 'it's Friday night and I HAVE TO get out of the house!!!' feeling! Haha, been there! Normally we just go out to eat, but I sure would love to DO something for a change. I'm excited to see what else you all are going to do in Seattle :) Remember all the best places and when we come and visit someday we'll go together!