Monday, April 26

quick mother's day gift...

For those who live far away from parents.. doesn't it make gift giving so much harder? I hardly ever remember to get the gifts that I do get into the mail on time. I'm I the only one in this predicament?

So I have been looking for good mother's day gifts that could be easily mailed. The one above is a 17x11 poster I put together of my family (I am the one, in the middle, with the one child). I made it using the Sophistication Silhouette Stamps... on sale today for only $1... and the Sophistication Banner Stamps. It was quick, and easy, and I think that my mom will like it.

I am also thinking of making it in a 7x5 card format.. that would be a lot easier to mail, and easier for my mother to store.

So what are you making for your mother/mother-in-law for the big mother's day this week? Are you in my situation where you have to mail everything?

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