Monday, April 26

on how to make a flower...

 I have been asked how is it I make these flowers that I so love to do. It is quite simple, and simply, quite fun!

 You can use any size paper, but for the flowers above I used strips that were 1/2"x5". To begin, you can do some of your distressing by inking edges, crumbling up the paper to give it more wrinkles {as seen here}, etc...

 You then proceed to pinch the "accordion" fold the paper. It depends on the size of your paper, and the size of the flower you want in the end. I wish I had the mathematical equation laid out for each size of flower, but it is really just eyeballing most of it.

And this is what the end product should look like, before the button/brad/etc is placed in the middle. Smaller flowers, obviously, will have smaller holes in the middle. And I could have made this flower with a smaller hole if I had done my folding differently. Then, once you get to this point, glue everything into place!

{See more of these type of flowers here}

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So, I hope this helps, and hopefully I will be able to post some more techniques soon. As for the little blooming flowers above, I just didn't make a whole circle of folds, and used a very short piece of paper.


Sarah said...

Thanks for putting together a tutorial. Looks fairly easy...I will have to give it a try.

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to start. Sheesh.

Laura Rollins said...

That does look easy :D I love the little buds! I never would have thought of that myself! Thanks