Friday, April 30

whats your favorite trend...'ve seen coming into the scrapbook industry? I really like all the different accents and trinkets that have been released. Its hard to find traditional scrapbook stuff that matches the digital, so I have been trying to come up with more accents (other than flowers) to put on my hybrid pages.

 This banner was a very easy accent to put together. I usually scrap 8x8 pages.. and so I always have the extra 3 inches on the bottom of my 8.5x11 page. So I try to fill that space up with all the extra accents that I would want for a page, and this banner fit very well. My stripes of paper, for my banner, ended up being 1/2 by 1&1/5 inches.

 I then folded them in half, cut a few into a triangle shape, and arranged them on my page.

 Then, I glued them onto my twine (...which i love...), but ribbon or other string should work just as well.

and to attach to my paper, I made little bows at the end and glued down the bows, and then glued the other ends around the back of the page. I hope this has been helpful! And I would love too see your hybrid scrapbook pages! ...feel free to email me a picture and I could spotlight you here on my blog... sara(dot)schmutz(at)gmail(dot)com


deena said...

So cute, Sara. I love it.

Amber said...

I am loving the mix. Hybrid scrapbooking is the best of both worlds. Love the paper Sara!

mesecar123 said...

I love your banner idea and mixing it up!

Laura Rollins said...

That's such a creative idea! I'm gonna try it. I'll send you pictures of my hybrid pages once I get them done... and printed... that's another issue ;)