Monday, April 26

ABC... there is a freebie...

 Little miss schmutz is getting to the point in her life were she is beginning to see a different between different letters. And, so, trying to be a good mom, I thought it would be fun to go buy those plastic little letters to stick on the fridge...

...and, ya know what?...

...I can't find them anywhere!

So, disappoint soon turned into the realization that I had all the things I needed to make my own fridge alphabet.. a font, digital scrapbooking paper, printer, and fabulous magnet paper.

 Cutting the thing out was kind of a pain. But I did it during a movie, and I was happy when I was done. They've been a lot of fun to have around. My little miss and I like to spell out funny words and sing the alphabet song together. So I thought I would share the template with you to use for fridge magnets, or any other thing an alphabet comes in handy for! I ended up using these digital scrapbook papers.

click on the image above to download.
saved as a .psd file

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