Tuesday, May 25

..sweet thing..

 I was so inspired by this post (and the whole blog.. which is fabulous) that I decided I really really needed to do a paper craft.. and quick, since I had to come up with a craft for my church's teenage girls to do that night at our weekly activity.. And, I wish I would've taken my camera to the activity, because the girls loved it and their books turned out so cute! It was a great activity!

 I decided to make this little notebook in to a sketch book for my daughter. She has realized that I am almost always glued to my book, and has started to discover the joy of drawing (her artwork is adorable! very detailed too.) Once I had decided what the notebook was going to be used for, picking out the scrapbook paper to use was easy.

I grabbed the Tweet Talk paper from Imaginisce's Lucy Bird collection and Modge Podged it onto the front of the book.

 I then cut the corners of the book and glued it down flat. (cutting out the squares in the corners helps the paper lay down better) I put a paper lining over the glued down edges.. but.. sadly.. forgot to get a picture.. boo.

 For the decorations on the front - my secret weapon of choice was.. my sewing machine. I love gathering paper, fabric, ribbon.. etc..

go ahead.. call me the gathering-nerd-freakin-awesome-person

The notebook has some gathered fabric (white.. had on hand), gathered pink felt, and gathered "daisy may" paper (from Lucy Bird, but I can't find it online, I think it is sold out everywhere.. sigh), "sweet talk" chipboard, "Adorable" flowers, a hand-cut hot pink felt flower, and a random button.

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Amber said...

So cute! Those girls are so lucky to have you as their leader! See you tomorrow.