Friday, May 28

hello friend.. freebie..

 I love this picture.. Its slightly blurry and little miss' head is somewhat missing, but I just love it. It was my birthday last month.. and it wasn't all that exciting. The day started just like everyday. I did have a night out with the husband, but the day was nice and relaxing. It was during that relaxing, warm, afternoon that I decided to try and get a picture with my baby and me.

It is hard, isn't it? I am almost always the one behind the camera, but its hard to remember to hand it over to my husband at least some of the time.

Well.. it was my birthday. So this was my birthday I made it into a game - we would set the self timer, run around our pile of toys and crash into each other just about the time the timer would go off. My She was so good at making sure she made eye contact with the camera.. every single time. It makes me laugh when I look back through the pictures.

the picture, and memory, is so precious to me.

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So, to go along with my little precious memory.. (and like I promised earlier on fb).. here is a freebie for this week! I was wanting to get it up earlier.. but didn't.

Please enjoy!

other kits used in the layout were:
Vanity Fair Cerulean Alpha by Jen Allyson
Real Simple Clean Frames by Jen Allyson

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Amber said...

Thanks Sara! I love your kits! This paper is darling! And I agree with you that picture is so precious!!! I love your self-timer pictures with Ashlyn. Adorable!

Denise said...

I have the same problem with a dearth of pictures of me with the kids. I'm always reminding myself to ask my husband and others to snap a few shots. What a sweet pic you managed to get. Thanks for the freebie!

Anna said...

What a wonderful layout and thanks for the gorgeous freebie!