Monday, June 7

catching up...

...on my scrapbook! oh, I fear I am lost in the number 1 scrapbooking sin - falling behind.

I was looking at pictures from last fall, and realized I hadn't scrapbooked them! Ugh.. so now I have about a six month period where I had forgotten to scrapbook. So I guess it is make up week! ..oh.. and don't think that if I scrap those scrapless six moths that I will be completely caught up.. just caught up for my daughter's life. Before my daughter was born I haven't scrapbooked hardly anything..

but it is fun going back and looking at old pictures again.. remembering good memories - like the picture above - taken on our last camping trip in utah, with little miss schmutz' cousin. It was a lot of fun, and a wonderful memory!

"Happy Camper Collection"
"grunge brushes" - on sale today for only $1


~Amy said...

Love the look the brushes add to this layout- definitely fits the "playing in the dirt" idea. :) Great work, thanks for sharing!!!

joven said...
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Laura Rollins said...

Oh geez... you're only behind on your little girl's life by 6 months?? I think I may be guilty of capital punishment then.... lol.

But, I really do miss camping with you! Hopefully we can soon!!! CAN'T wait to see you again!!!