Friday, June 4

Is summer here?

 The weather is saying it is not summer, but I feel the tingling in my bones. Its like christmas for me.

And, I cannot wait to go camping this year. It is always so relaxing to wake up in a tent and know that you are completely surrounded by mother nature.

But, since it is cold and wet outside, and yet I am stilling at home in my shorts and flip-flops, I figured I might as well do a little "planning" for the summer activities. And so I came up with this adorable little envelope. ..that would be about the extent of my planning.. I know I am a lot of help..

I printed it out with my new "happy camper paper pack 2" from DHD, as well as one of the labels from the "happy camper embellishments". You can buy the complete set here.

I am planning on printing these out and sending them off with my girls teach at church. They have a church camp they go to once a year, and I don't get to go.. boo. So hopefully, this will be just as good! Who wouldn't love one of these cute envelopes full of treats, notes and what-nots?

(Oh, and have I told you how I love the plaid in this kit? I really want to print each page out as a different envelope..)

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Amber said...

So cute! I love the plaid! I saw this kit on DHD, LOVE it!! Once again those girls are so incredibly lucky to have you. I am sure they are incredibly sad to see you leave. Me too =(.

Laura Rollins said...

Love it! I'm not always the biggest fan of plaid... but this stuff I like!

We'll have to go camping a couple of times while you're out here this summer - I just got back from hiking up Little Cotton Wood... so gorgeous up there! I can't wait for us all to head up there together!

joscelyne cutchens said...

super cute! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Sara!

nativetexangirl said...

Thanks Sara for the cute template. I love the plaid too.

plaisanter said...

I'm always glad
In plaid,
Never sad
Dressed in plaid.
It's not just a fad to be clad in plaid,
No, we're not raving mad
To love plaid!