Thursday, June 17

We have a birthday...

 ..showing up at our doorstep sometime next week. But since we have decided to not be at home on that special day, we decided to bump it up the festivities a weekend.

my baby is turning 2!

Little miss schmutz loves play dates. She isn't very social, but she really tries to be. I am afraid she might get a wee bit of shyness from her mommy (oh wait.. and her daddy).

So, for a break-the-ice idea, we decided to have a party at a local playground (as long as it doesn't rain!!). I don't have a "theme" (gasp!) but I do have colors, and am playing this out as more of a playgroup gathering along with cupcakes, juice and cookies... she is only turning two..

So the pictures above are of my preparations. I did have to put together a fun little favor.. since favors are my favorite. My little miss schmutz even tried the chalk out today to make sure it worked.. don't worry.. it does.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the actual party.. and please cross every finger you have in hopes that it doesn't rain. Our little home is too small for a handful of little girls running around.


Amber said...

Way cute! The weather better be good it is the last day of school =).

Laura Rollins said...

I love those colors! I hope it's a gorgeous day for you ~ Happy Birthday lil' Angel! We're excited to see you :)

erica922 said...

super cute tfs