Monday, June 21

why I scrapbook.

it isn't about the newest trend. it isn't {always} about the cute papers, newest tools, or fun new trick. I scrapbook to remember the memories that I am afraid I just might forget. Like the page above, simple and calm, but means the most to me.

This little page will remind me how we spent the first year of medical school, miles away from close family, in a little home, in a very cloudy place. And, how, whenever it was even just a little smidgen of sunny we hurried outside. And, how, even on this sunny, beautiful day, you insisted on wearing your bright pink rain coat on our walk to the store.

I want to remember how little, yet independent my miss schmutz is.

this is why I scrapbook...


~Amy said...

Beautiful layout! I feel the same way as you do. It's about having a creative place to record all those special memories!

Laura Rollins said...

That's exactly why I scrapbook, too. What a sweet way to remember :)