Tuesday, June 1

what a little...

 ...copycat my miss schmutz is turning into. She loves to do anything and everything I do. And, I love it. Having a little me around the house is such a delight! My little miss schmutz loves to draw, sing, wear pretty clothes, cook, and clean! She's always helping me clean up a yucky mess - even if she wasn't the one to make it.

But, for our long weekend, we kept it very peaceful. the Husband studied (like always) and my miss schmutz and I hung out and read books most of the day. Come dinner time, she dragged her wooden stool over to the counter and climbed up to help. What a cutie.. I had to get pictures. She ended up making most of her dad's salad all herself.. and she did a wonderful job!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! And have taken the time to remember all that you hold dear.. I know I did!

page credits:
papers - Blackberry Winter Paper Pack
embellishments - Blackberry Winter Embellishments
"salad" type - Blackberry Winter Alphabet
"ashlyn" type - Type Alphabet
"helping make dad's" type - Classy Cupid - Classic Cursive Alpha by Melissa Esplin


LoriLeigh said...

that top photo is too cute! love her expression.

Amber said...

Love those pictures! So cute! How do you get the lighting to be so great? My inside shots all have a yellow over cast. BTW, Cute scrapbook page!