Tuesday, October 26

Give Thanks.. sneak peek & FREEBIE

 Can you believe Halloween is this weekend?!? It never feels like the seasons change to me up here in Washington. I am use to watching the rocky mountains change from green, to gold, to red.. and then, inevitably, turn white with snow. Up here I am surrounded by evergreens, and the only change I have noticed is the constant cloud cover and light mist.

So, the point I am getting at - the holidays are sneaking up on me much too quickly... I can't seem to catch a break. But I do love being in such a rush.

But, since we haven't carved our pumpkin, we haven't even bought our pumpkin as of yet. I still wanted to post a sneak peak of my newest kit Give Thanks which releases to Design House Digital on Thursday.. I ended up using last years pumpkin carving pictures in my page. And it is just as well that I did, since I hadn't scrapbooked those pictures yet. (but, now I have.. check that off my list.. please..)

And.. I haven't posted a FREEBIE here in.. how long? oh yes.. much too long. So it was high time that I get one up. I hope you enjoy it. I love all the extra things, such as flashcards to help embellish a page and give it that final last touch.

I even ended up using one of the free tags in the digital scrapbook page I did (above). I just love how all the colors go so well together.. you really will love this kit.. positively delightful!


Laura Rollins said...

I love this page! SO CUTE! (Sorry we haven't chatted in forever - it's been a crazy week!)

CraftyCat said...

Sara, I always look forward to your posts but when there's a wonderful freebie I feel like my day is off to a great start!!! Love it and can't wait to put it to use!

DW Quilt Art said...

Love these flash cards - thank you so much! Diane

Amber said...

What? The seasons don't change??? My street is gold, orange, and red. Maybe you should come be my neighbor ;).
The kit is darling!!!

Lisa Avolio said...

Great take on flashcards. These will be easy to use, I'm sure. Thanks!