Monday, June 27

as for the rest of the party...

It really was a lot of fun! I love the whole idea of doing just a small party, and then being able to spend the time needed to make it more creative and unique. This really was a lot of fun for me to put together, and I am just very happy with the results!

My daughter instantly knew it was the day of her party when she woke up that day.. which was very exciting since we had talked about the party for weeks. I tried to keep it more on the cheap side of things (she did only turn 3!), so I was very happy to find these 25" tissue fans at the one and only Shop Sweet Lulu. Which gave me a lot of wow factor for not a lot of money factor.. happy mom!

Honest to goodness, I could have spent my entire birthday budget over at Shop Sweet Lulu, but I had to restrain myself from buying out the entire store.. that would not have been fair to every other party planning mother on the planet. The only other thing I just could not live without were the adorable Berry Baskets, which I used as favors. I, then, filled the baskets up with a homemade fabric headband (3 year old girls adore anything "fancy" and "adorable"), a thank you note with a princess necklace attached, a little candy filled glassine favor bag with faux coordinating tape, bubbles with a custom label, and then I stuffed the baskets with the packaging that came from my Shop Sweet Lulu purchase.

Party goodies are always a hard topic for me. I never know what people want to eat, and I cannot bring myself to pile stacks and stacks of sugary goodness onto a table for 3 year olds. So, I tried to even out the odds by also serving some kid friendly snacks. But, it was a party, so we did have some sugar. I made these very yummy vanilla chiffon cupcakes with adorable red polkadot wrappers from Michaels.

We also had pb&j sandwiches with little coordinating flags and lots of fresh strawberries (not pictured here).

And wrapped it up with a nice sweet fruit pizza. The party was so fun, and I really can't wait to start planning another one for next year! Why is it we only celebrate birthdays once a year? Seriously? I could go for a quarterly birthday celebration... what about you?


Laura Rollins said...

Oh. My...

This is quite the party for a 3 year old! This is amazing!

As for the quarterly birthday - count me in ;)

Amber said...

You really did a beautiful job putting the whole thing together! Thanks for inviting us we had a great time! We need to get together now that we are done with trek =).