Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!




my little miss schmutz wanted to be something scary for Halloween this year. So a scary kitty it was.

This might be due to the fact that most of her friends are boys... but it might not be either. She has  
embraced Halloween and all of it's spooky, scariness like none other 3 year old. It has fast become the most enjoyable holiday we have had this year. 

...and it's not over yet! She doesn't even know there is candy involved.
Happy Trick or Treating!


Sarah C. said...

So cute!! I hope you all had fun trick or treating. :) My son couldn't get enough of it and wanted candy for every meal today! LOL

aoster said...

That is great and she looks adorable (though you can tell her I said scary) my oldest is almost 4 and he definitely remembered that Halloween involves lots of candy!

Laura Rollins said...

Ashylyn, You're SOOO SCARY!!! And I can thank you for helping my two kiddos start loving SCARY things! Megan has even started doing 'spooky' fingers! Hehe