Thursday, October 13

Trick or Treat...

can you believe its almost time for Halloween?

eek! My daughter has been on my case about finishing her costume ever since we started it last week. Mind you, not that she is excited to trick or treat, she just wants another dress hanging in her closet just waiting to be worn.

This year I really debated if I should design a Halloween themed kit or not. I am not a spooky type, nor am I a really cute and cuddly type. So I had to figure out something in between - but I am very happy with the results! This kit is not only for Halloween, but could easily be used for numerous autumn activities (minus the spider web papers)

And, if you still aren't sure... check out the amazing inspiration.
especially all the hybrid projects!!!

by: Sara Schmutz

 by: Sarah Hemmert

 by: Sarah Hemmert

by: Sarah Hemmert 

 by: Sarah Coggins

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libbywilko said...

Halloween isn't big here in Brisbane but love the spider web paper!