Monday, November 26

A True Blue

What a weekend! So much has happened this past week, and I have a number of more blogs to post, but the one that I thought I would post today was about Saturday...

Now, i'm not sure how many people are as crazy about the BYU vs. UofU rivarly as I am. It started back in highschool when I was best friends with a UofU fan... so, i decided, i am going to be a true blue... and it stuck and I have been bleeding blue ever since!

I've always enjoyed watching football, and have always tried to watch the BYU games. But when Jake and I were dating and his father found out that I was a BYU football fan; football games, all of a sudden, had a new meaning to the family. I still remember when Jake told Dale that I like watching BYU football... his reaction was "well maybe finally Jake will start watching the games with me!" ...well it has been more than Jake just watching the games with his Dad. Jake loves to watch the games now!

But the biggest game of the season is always BYU vs. UofU! and what a game that was! It was EXTREME NAIL-BITTER until the very last play! Last year my parents came up to the Schmutz's house during the second half to watch the final play where BYU came back to win. This year it has become a family tradition and has included my little brother (who absolutely loves BYU football). It was so much fun to be sitting around BYU and UofU fans alike... all of us yelling and cheering for our teams. Uncle Howard (UofU fan) even got a little confused what team he was rooting for when the refs made a bad call against BYU.

All in all, I couldn't decided if watching the game was more fun, or actually being with family, enjoying each others company.

Well this is a family tradition that I think is going to stick. Hopefully it will grow next year to include more family that wasn't able to attend this year. But this being the second year in a row that we have gotten together, and also the second year in a row that BYU has won! So hopefully that tradition will stick too!

GO BLUE! 17-10

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