Monday, December 17

Oh Tannenbaum

Wow! It has been quite a while since I have blogged... and I am sincerely sorry. I am the type of person that loves to read blogs, and so I get sad when no one updates their blog very often. So slap me on the wrist and I will try to be better! (blogging also helps me think about my life and realize what a wonderful life it is!)
But as you all know... there has been thoughtfullness... there has been planning... there has been hard work... all leading up to the one day...

oh no, not Christmas!!! but FINALS!!!
Finals week has hit (it actually hit yesterday) and it hit hard! I'm expecting not to see to my husband, let alone talk to him very much this week. I am use to it, by now, this being his 4th finals week that we have had since being married. I usually have a pretty good game plan for the finals week, and I end up getting a whole bunch of stuff done.

So starts my week of "doing-everything-i-possible-can-without-jake" which is easy this time of year because I will, most likely, end up going shopping!
but yesterday, being Sunday, I decided to make Jake's annual-semester-finals-week-treat... this semester it was cinnamon rolls... yummy...
I like to make him treats for finals week, because he is always home, all day, every day just studing. I hated studing when I was in school, so I figure having a nice treat around would balance out all the bad-studing-energy floating around the house. (and, if your wondering, I didn't get a good picture of the cinnamon rolls after they were cooked. I didn't like the end result, after the frosting was put on, because then you couldn't see the swirling cinnamon and sugar goodness!)
I also got a chance to take pictures of my tree. I am very proud of my tree this year. Last year was good, but it just didn't pop (it might have been our ugly apartment we were in too) but this year I think I nailed just what I wanted. I went very traditional, but kind of a fun tone of red, white, green and a little silver. But have you ever tried to take a decent picture of a christmas tree?!?! It is impossible! I spent hours (ok, probably 15min) trying to get a decent pic before I gave up.

But my sleds are my favorite. I painted a half dozen of these last year for our christmas tree (jake painted one too, but will not let me display it anywhere since it doesn't "look" like mine... he's got a very unique painting style).

Anyhoo, this blog has been quiet long enough. I feel like it has been too long since my last blog, since I just keep on rattling away about different things.

But my next blog will also be all about yummy treats and the Christmas season! My dear mom, sisters and I are all getting together on wednesday for some holiday goodness making!!! I am so excited!


Laura Rollins said...

I'm super excited about Wednesday, too!!!!!!! I love reading your blog and was wondering when you were going to do something again... lol :) But, then there's slacker-me... I don't have a blog at all!!
Love ya tons!! Good luck with finals week and let me know if you're up here shopping! I'd love to go with you!
Laura :)

Amber said...

I am so excited for you and Jake!!!!!!! No, I had not heard. You will be fabulous parents! And of course he/she will be SO stinking cute!!
You are such a great wife to be so thoughtful about making cinnamon rolls and from what I can see your tree looks great!

littleann said...

I love how you cook things. We should really get together and cook. I love cooking. you are great.
I love ya both