Thursday, February 7

you know you want it...

so I know its been forever long since i've blogged. and I feel bad because I love to read everyone else's so much and it makes me sad to see a blog unblogged for a period of time. But... here comes the excuses... I have been busy (haven't we all? lol). But because I have been busy I am now able to post this post... because, you see, this post is about what I've busily been doing.

now, if that made sense, moving on...

I have finally finished a digital scrapbooking kit! wahoo! I actually started this kit last fall, but once the holidays hit I put it on the back-burner and didn't touch it until my art director asked me if it could be done for a Feb. 13th release.

so, for those of you who do not know what a digital scrapbooking kit is, it is a bunch of coordinating digital scrapbooking items. pcLayers, who is releasing my kit, has their kits always include 9 papers, 6 accents (buttons, ribbons, etc), 2 ribbons/borders, 2 overlays, 3 journaling tags, 6 brushes, 3 word-art and a monogram! so its quiet the little kit once you've put it all together!

the pages I have posted are an "add-on kit" of quickpages. Quickpages are when the page is already made, all you have to do is stick your photo behind... makes scrapbooking easy and fast. But all the papers, ribbons, (ribbons, buttons, and such are photographed and then digitally cleaned up, so when you place them on your page, they look as if you had the actual elements there!) that you see on these pages also come in my kit... its really quite fun and you should check it out.

The kit's name is "Chic" because I came up with the little chicken motif (first layout's yellow paper) and fell in love with it. The funniest thing is that I started this kit as a "baby" theme even before I knew I was pregnant! but anyone who knows me knows that I love anything baby, or kid themed. But this kit also works great for Easter which is just right around the corner! Makes me so excited to use this kit to scrapbook easter and then again when our little miss schmutz shows up!

it is such a relief to have this kit all ready to go and be done with it! its mind-boggling to try and figure out so many different things that all look good together as well. But, now with my first one done, I am hoping I have figured out when to realize I have a good idea, and realize when I don't.

But now onto my next project! hopefully that one will pan out smoothly because Jake has been bugging me about it to no end for the past couple weeks.

...but to add to my list of things i hope to get done this weekend... geez... I need a head shot, a bio, & a logo... so hopefully i'll have some recent photos to post next time!

last note... my kit is due to release on February 13, 2007 @


MoonChick said...

How exciting! I know you really made this kit just for us Chicks, didn't you? :) It is SO cute! You are so talented! I hope to start digital scrapbooking when I have some extra time . . . or maybe just MAKE some extra time!

Laura Rollins said...

That's so cute! you have so much talent :) i really love all your pages and the pictures!

Megan said...

What a talent. You amaze me! I think this is so exciting for you!


dwrr said...

love your kit! i can't wait to see it release tomorrow, you've done a FANTASTIC job!