Tuesday, February 19

Snowy Weekend

Jake and I always have enjoyed weekends away. Jake studies at the house almost all day, every day, so when it comes to the weekend, he doesn't want to spend another moment at home. But this semester, Jake had to take a Saturday afternoon physics lab; which has really squeezed our fun time.

But we were lucky to be able to pull away early enough on a friday afternoon to head up to the Moon cabin a couple weeks ago. We weren't there long (we had to leave early enough on sat so Jake could get to his class) but we enjoyed the time we spent there!
Jake ran off as soon as we arrived to go try out the snowmobiles. Since there was no where to snowboard, the guys decided to tie themselves to the back of a snowmobile and pull each other around... which is what they did most of friday and saturday morning.

All in all, it was a lot of driving for just a few hours of playing, but we are glad we did it and are excited to do it again whenever we have the time! Jake was always saying how fun it will be next year when he can drive our little girl around... so we'll see how she enjoys the cold; but if she's anything like her mom, she'll enjoy the summer a whole lot more!

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Laura Rollins said...

wow! how fun! that looks really neat.