Tuesday, February 19

Sweet Love

Jake likes to try and plan our 'big' holidays (anniversary, valentines, birthday, etc) but the problem being... he is always too busy (except for our anniversary... lol). So why he trys to do as well as he can, he is a guy... and usually leaves things until the last minute.
So he tried to take me out to dinner, and if anyone has ever gone out in provo on any weekend, they will know that if you go out past 5 o'clock you will have to wait at least 30 minutes anywhere you go... well... Valentines day was twice as bad.

After going to a number of different resturants and having the average wait time of 180 mins (3 hrs) we decided that we could have our own little romantic dinner at home. So we ran to the grocery store and grabbed stuff for a delicious chinese dinner with wontons and stir-fry and a yummy ice cream dessert.

It was so much fun, and, just goes to show, that you don't always have to have the 'perfect' date to have the 'perfect' night!
ps. I love the rose and chocolates he bought me... ain't he sweet!


Laura Rollins said...

sometimes those nights at home really are the best! was the food good? i hope so!

Amber said...

I love it!! We have had plenty of dates at home. It is a lot of fun to cook together.
You and Jake seem so perfect for each other!