Tuesday, October 14

the rumors are true...

We are moving to New York! Not until next May, but we found out on last Friday that Jake was accepted into New York Chiropractic College. And, since this is the college of Jake's choice, it is the one that we will be going to! It is quite exciting! I actually love moving and change, but this move will be bitter sweet since all of our family is in Utah.

If you refer back to Jake's last post (New York Experience) He talks about his mini trip where he was able to fly out to NY early thursday morning, kill some time, have his interview with the school, kill some more time and fly home friday night. Well I was extremely jealous that I was not able to go, especially now that we will be moving there in just around seven months.

Well, from what I can see from Google Images, Seneca Falls is a tiny little town, but it does look like fun. I am usually the type that likes to be close to a big city, not necessarily living in one. Seneca Falls is neither since it isn't a big city, nor is it close to one. But it sounds like a fun adventure to go out to rural upstate new york for the next few years. I think I will have a lot of time to myself to discover a life in a new setting. 

The past few years have been so busy, but I feel as though things are about to change. Jake described Seneca Falls as laid back and a much slower pace, which I am looking forward to tremendously! But, not to say I am going to be lazy when I am there, I am sure I will find plenty of things to keep me busy.

And come and visit!!! We will be smack dap in the middle of Church history sites, as well as walking distance from one of the finger lakes (the one pictured above). And since we will be far far away from anyone we know, we will welcome any visitors that happen to come our way! Well, that is all for now since our life is not at "slow pace" yet, and will not be for the next seven months! (and sorry the pics are from google... Jake forgot to take a camera when he went to ny)


Megan Merkley said...

Congratulations, Jake! And Sara, you are the type to blossom anywhere. What a fun adventure for you! Plus, even though it is probably about a five hour drive, you have the Big Apple right there... that is enough big city for everyone!


Laura Rollins said...

Congrats Jake! We're gonna miss you tons!!!!

Amber said...

Congratulations!! It will be a wonderful experience for you and Jake.