Tuesday, December 2


Thanksgiving is a day that I wait for all year. I just love the idea of good food being made, and being able to eat it all day long. That's the dream of every man, and it is always a great day. The funny thing about this thanksgiving was that we had turkey for dessert. The turkey was suppost to be done by one, but it just didn't cook quick enough. So, we decided to eat without the turkey, which was a bit different, but still good. Because the turkey wasn't done I didn't eat a lot to save room for turkey, but when the turkey came i wasn't hungry. I was full, because when I don't eat fast I can't eat a lot. So, I barely ate any turkey. The turkey was really goog though because the cook turned the turkey up side down. She did this, because she thought that the turkey would get too cooked on the bottom. This made the turkey really juicy and tender. It was great. I was able to try a new pie (strawberry rubarb). It was really good. It tasted like strawberry jam on bread. So, Thanksgiving was great as usual even though i didn't eat a ton of food like I wanted. i wanted to beat my old record of gaining 7 lbs in one day.

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