Sunday, December 6

the countdown...

...has begun. And I am not sure if I am more excited about:

1. Jake being done with school for the term
2. Going home for the holidays in a week
3. Christmas!

 But it always seems like things are darkest before they get better, right? well this week has been filled with:
1. Jake being too busy studying to hardly spend anytime with us at all
2. Poor little miss schmutz catching a flu that has now turned into a cold that won't go away
3. And a sad mom who has stayed home (almost) all week to tend to a sick baby and make meals for a busy daddy

Now, don't feel too bad. I had a awesome time on monday shopping with Amber, and a wonderful time last night at the Country Village Tree Lighting. So my week ended up starting and ending well - I guess that's good enough for me.

But Ashlyn and I would like to PUBLICLY thank Jake for taking time out of his hectic finals week schedule to take us out last night for a little family time. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it!


Perry's said...

I am excited you guys are coming home for Christmas. It will be good to see you guys. You have a beautiful family

Laura Rollins said...

I can so totally relate! Aaron'll be done with his term soon... we'll be done with the house renovations (hopefully) soon... this baby will be here soon... you'll be coming soon... but for the time being, we're trying (by which I mean I'm trying) not to go insane!

gilliskd said...

Hang in there girl. There will come a day when you will miss those "boring days" with Ash. Jake is doing great, we are all so proud of him. And we are all SOOOO excitted to get you back here - even if just for a short time!

Amber said...

OKay seriously, sick or not you have to come over this week. I have been lonely and missing family. Give me a call =).