Monday, July 5

scrapbooking the non-event

I usually catch myself only scrapbooking "events" in my child's life, but I have found myself thinking more about the little things that are changing in her life lately. Since this is the main journal I have of little miss schmutz' life, I thought I should include these little moments.

I always like to include pictures with almost everything I do. It helps me visualize the time of life we were at. But I am sure I will think of other little things that my daughter does, and will go back and edit the layout... but that is what is great about digital scrapooking, right?

the journalling...

a few reasons why I love you

you love to sing
you like to play with others
you like to go "jumping" on the trampoline
you try to copycat anything anyone else does
you have no fear
you love to say family prayer at night
you try to take care of anyone who is sad
you love anything smaller than you
you have the cutest smile and brightest eyes
you are shy
you love to suck your thumb and hold my ear
you try to read books to yourself
you are my best friend


papers - Sophistication from Design House Digital
tag - Sophistication from Design House Digital
stitching - Summer Picnic from Design House Digital

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